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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A very sad accident

This is the chart of a 66 years old man who met with a very bad accident about 2 years ago in 2008, wu-zi year, during his wu-yin LP. He was driving from Malacca to Singapore with his wife to pay a visit to his son there. About half way through the journey, along the highway, he lost control of his car and the car swerved into a ravine on the left. His wife died on the spot and he sustained much bodily injuries. At present, he has recovered completely from his bodily injuries and with much moral support from his family members and friends, he has also recovered much from the mental anguish.

Coming to think of it, it was quite a bizzaire accident. He said that suddenly there were flies in his car and one of them entered his eye. That was how he lost control of his vehicle.

Looking at his chart, there is a double shen-yin clash in his present LP. The clash from the shen of the month branch can be arbitrated by the ren of the month stem whereas the clash from the shen of the year branch has no arbitration at all.

Where are the indications from the natal chart that show the demise of his wife from an accident?

This chart is a weak jia DM and so his wife star is also the wood star which can both be represented by yi and jia.

1. The chou-chen destruction causes the yi to fall back into the graveyard of chen inside the spouse palace. Since they were visiting their son, his children palace is also involved.

2. The geng inside the shen of the year branch is "cutting" the jia above it. Fated to happen?

Since he is now in the geng-yin year in his wu-yin LP, there are now multiple shen-yin clashes in his chart. Will there be anymore accident?


  1. There is a fan yin to the year pillar in the Wu Yin LP. Since it is the left most pillar from inside chart looking out,his wife must be sitting on his left side when the accident happened. Interactions with the year pillar indicate mishaps affecting his family directly.

    This year is Geng Yin year also got fan yin to the year pillar.Now without his wife, the geng-jia counter should happen to his friends first before happening to him. If he passes Yin month this tiger year smoothly, he must watch out for Shen month later.

  2. This chart also has no fire. It is quite cold. When Wu Zi year came along, the water suddenly became very powerful making the chart enter a cold snap. But this powerful resource is not helpful to Jia because Wu in 2008 and in Wu Yin LP is at the stems to contaminate the water. Contamination of resource is liken a dreadful dose of distraction from an activity that needs full concentration like driving high speed on a highway.

  3. It is noteworthy to understand what is Wu earth to this DM to see who is affected.

  4. IMHO, the chart has already flooded with water,and water is at birth stage in SHEN, naturally, water will be the NG. Come WU ZI, then CHEN SHEN ZI forming a water frame, the water QI is suddenly so powerful, washed away the useful element, EARTH, that could translate to DM wife as well...

  5. The 2 Shens in the chart, being 2 very active travelling stars is a scenario of just waiting for a clash/accident to happen when this Daymaster is on the road or travelling. Guess it is fated. This year being Geng Yin year is very very high chance of similar accidents. Must ask Senior Lwee if anything happened to him in Yin month recently.

  6. Hi,

    I met him in January 2010 and have advised him to be careful this year. Since then, I haven't seen him. I guess he managed to sail through the yin month without any accident.


  7. This chart resource star is very important, In Wu Yin LP there is double fan yin with Ren Shen & Jia Shen pillars.

    When Wu stem appear on AP is a crucial year.