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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another spooky chart

During the recent Chinese New Year celebration, I gave a few readings for some of my ex-students and this chart stands out from the rest. It belongs to a 27 years old man.

With 2 gui-hai pillars in the natal chart and having the si-hai clash, you can expect the chart to be spooky. His indirect resource star, bing can also be found inside si. I told him immediately that he is likely to encounter the spirit world and this was what he said :

"I was once hospitalised when I was 17 years old. Lying in my bed, I could see a ghost flying around at a window. She has long hair and was wearing a white robe but her face was not clear. I told my mum about it and she went to consult a Chinese deity and the deity confirmed what I saw.

When I was studying in the university, I had another experience during my third year. I could see a dark figure in my room. He even tried to strangle me when I was sleeping. I woke up feeling very frighten and had to sleep with the lights on."

He then asked me if his yin-yang eyes can be closed. Maybe some Taoist masters out there might have the ability to do so.


  1. His first 2 pillars fight with each other. Either his parents don't get along with his grandparents or his superiors always get into fights with the top management or major shareholders.

  2. Hi Mr Lwee,
    I have a Gui-Hai combi in my hr pillar, happens to be my HO and RW. I am born a weak Gui-Wei DM. Since RW relates to my skills of a deal maker (Sales is my passion), how does tis combi help or obstruct. Thx for enlightening.