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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kidney failure

This is the chart of a man who was born in 1960 and passed away at the age of 47 in 2007, ding-hai year due to kidney failure.

This is a weak wu DM, having only 1 support from the month branch. Therefore, the metal, water and wood stars are not favourable for him.

The 2 zi's in the natal chart represents his kidneys. His problems should have started in the yi-you LP when the you started to destruct the 2 zi's. Upon entering the bing-xu LP, his useful god, bing was combined away by xin and transformed into water stars. This transformation also lured the shen-si in the natal chart to transform into water stars too and thus flooding the chart. A chart that is out of balance with a very strong negative star can bring about serious illness. The disappearance of his useful god, bing is the final blow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stones in the bladder

This is the chart of a 52 years old lady who has stones in her bladder. She is a strong jia DM and so the water stars are not favourable. The 2 zi's in the middle of the chart represent her bladder. On one side, there is a zi-you destruction while on the other side, the ji earth inside chou is contaminating the gui water inside zi.

Why is it occuring this year?

Obviously, it is because this year is a very strong earth, ji-chou year.

I told her to drink lots and lots of water and she told me that her doctor has also advised her to do the same but this is something she finds it difficult to do. I guess some people just don't like to drink water.

Anyway, this is not going to be a serious problem since she's now in her favourable ding-si LP. Normally, serious health problems are more likely to occur when the chart is very ill balance with a very strong negative star and that person is also going through a very bad LP.

Good health to all and please drink more clean water.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 young men with the same bazi

This is the chart of two 26 years old men who are not related in any way. However, they share the same bazi. Will their destiny be the same?

This chart is a weak gui DM. The water DM is surrounded by fire, earth and wood stars. So, the favourable stars are the water and metal stars. Both the young men are in their favourable LP since the first 4 LPs have water and metal stars protruding.

The 1st gentleman took over his father's coffee shop after his father passed away about 3 years ago. His business is quite alright although not that fantastic. He's also doing direct sales and has another partnership business. Overall, he said that his monthly income exceeds RM5,000.

The 2nd gentleman took over a photostating business about 5 years ago and his business has been good since day one. I have seen that his business has been growing from year to year. He just bought some new machines to upgrade his business.

I would grade the 2nd gentleman to be more successful at this moment.

Apart from doing business, they too have 1 more thing in common. Both broke up with their girlfriends before. The zi-wei confusion harm in the natal chart should be the culprit.

Although 2 persons share the same bazi, their achievements could be different because bazi is just a road map. Human actions make the difference.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One bad year

This is the chart of a 46 years old man who was doing very well doing direct sales on all kind of products. He's really a good salesman, very good in using his mouth to persuade and convince his customers. That's how he made much of his money, being a top salesman.

He is a strong bing DM and his metal wealth stars are considerably strong with minor roots inside xu. You can see that his 3rd and 4th LPs too have his wealth stars protruding.

Then came the year 2006, bing-xu year which was a disaster for him. A strong DM dislikes to see self stars. It means that there's a likelihood his money willl flow out. In 2006, not only the negative bing appeared, the bing-xu year is also forming a negative fu-yin with the day pillar. Since it hit the day pillar, it is very likely to affect him directly.

So, a friend of his came and invited him to join venture for a 'fantastic' investment. The result is that his friend took away from him an amount close to RM300,000 and disappeared.

Just remember to be extra careful whenever you enter a negative fu-yin year.