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Monday, August 31, 2009

Follower chart that does not follow

This is the chart of a 32 years old lady who was a clerk in a company in Singapore until the middle of 2008. According to her brother, she was charmed (black magic) by a man in his sixties and she became mentally ill. Her family brought her back to Malacca, Malaysia for treatment but there was no improvement. Then her father took her to Thailand for a spiritual cure as her family believes this to be a spiritual problem.

From the technical point of view, this chart is a follower chart since none of the 7 palaces support the ren water DM. On top of that, there is the si-wu-wei seasonal summer fire frame that transforms into fire stars. The whole chart is really on fire. If this is a true follower chart, then this lady would have made her money easily since fire stars are her wealth stars. Her real life story tells us otherwise. She was just getting a clerical pay prior to her problem.

So, this is a weak ren water DM and fire stars are her negative stars besides wood and earth stars. People with strong negative fire stars are more prone to problems of the spiritual kind since fire also represent spirituality.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Multiple earth clashes

This is the chart of a 48 years old man who was once a millionaire. This is a strong xin DM and so his self, resource and officer stars are negative. Suitable for negative industry? (pian men)

He told me that he was already a millionaire in his late 20's during his yi-wei LP. Everything seems to work for him then and earning money was really easy. In his yi-wei LP, his wealth star yi was protruding and there were multiple chou-wei clashes that released his wood wealth stars from the storages of wei.

Moving into jia-wu LP, he continued to ride on his good luck as the protruding jia wood is his wealth star. He moved out of the negative industry and operated a successful mini market in this jia-wu LP.

Suddenly, he ran out of luck in the gui-si LP and lost everything due to bad investments and speculations. What happened in this gui-si LP? A strong DM does not want to meet more self stars. Meeting self stars means losing money. In this gui-si LP, there are 2 sets of si-you-chou metal frame that transform into metal stars supported by the you month branch and lured by the xin star in the year stem. Really bad!

One bad LP can cause us to lose everything. Knowing our bazi's can really give us an advantage and save us from losing everything. However, I believe that you need the Heaven's blessings in order to know of the impending danger.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 sets of bullying punishment

This is the chart of a 24 years old lady who met a life changing accident in 2003, gui-wei year during her yi-you LP. She was 18 years old then. She was riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend sitting behind her when she suddenly fell on her own and crashed to the ground. Her left leg was badly smashed and it had to be amputated. Her boyfriend escaped with minor injuries.

During the yi-you LP, the you is forming a harm with the xu of the day branch and this harm is also known as the bodily harm. The actual problem of this chart is that it has 2 sets of xu-wei-chou bullying punishment.

Technically speaking, this is a fake follower chart. Thus, water and metal stars are not favourable. In 2003, the gui-wei AP is forming a fu-yin with the month pillar. Since the protruding gui water star is not favourable, this fu-yin is a negative one.

This lady has a very strong will power. Although she missed much of her schooling hours, she managed to sit for her pre-u exams the following year. Guess what? She did well enough to secure a place in a local university and has since graduated in 2008.

I wish her well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Always broke

This is the chart of a 42 years old man who is always broke. His xin DM is a weak one. Without any resource star in the stem, his officer and wealth stars are negative. Unfortunately for him, his negative officer and wealth stars are strongly rooted.

The real problem is the mao-chen betrayal harm affecting his spouse palace. All his money has gone to all the women of his life.

First, he has given away more than RM20,000 to his first girlfriend after securing a bank loan for his car air-con spare parts business. It seems that the girl has never accepted his love.

For his 2nd love, he managed to marry the girl although his whole family objected. The girl decided to marry him after he gave her all his winnings from a lottery amounting to RM16,000. Three years later, the lady decided to leave him by pretending to be mad. All in all, he has given her close to RM30,000.

Soon after the divorce, he met another woman who has been divorced twice. After that, he started a cleaning company. At first, his business seems alright and he gave most of the earnings to her. Poor man! I wonder what he is thinking. Now that his business is bad, he is borrowing money everywhere just to give it to the woman.

He has a very lousy temper too. It is indicated by the ren water in the hour stem which is his negative hurting officer. He will not take advice from anybody. This is the saddest part.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Photographic memory

This is the chart of a 3rd year university student in Singapore. He is known to have a photographic memory. His memory is definitely much more superior than an average university student. He obtained a maximum point of 5.0 in his first year CGPA, thanks to his powerful memory.

Can you see this from the image of the natal chart?

It's in the year, month and day pillars. Wu in the year stem and inside the year branch, geng in the month stem and inside the month branch, while yi is in the day stem and in the day branch.

Technical wise, this chart is a fake follower chart. So, his negative stars are the water and wood stars. This boy is from a very rich background as his wealth stars are strongly rooted in the year pillar.

However, his present ren-xu LP is an unfavourable one because the negative ren water is protruding. He told me that he had many operations on his liver when he was 14 years old. The yi wood DM being sandwiched by the xin and geng metal gives us the image of the operations.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Betrayal harm

This is the chart of a 33 years old lady. She has a double mao-chen harm in the natal chart. Mao-chen harm is also known as the betrayal harm.

She was married in her early twenties. Soon after giving birth to her 1st son, things started to go wrong. She has to work to support the child and her jobless husband. On top of that, she has to face her mother-in-law who has never liked her before.

Technical analysis suggests that her DM is a weak one although she was born in her resource month. Being a weak DM, her negative stars are the earth, metal and water stars.

Looking at the chart, her weak ding DM is being squeezed between gui, her negative spouse star and xin, her negative mother-in-law star. Right below the ding DM is the earth star, her negative children star. Poor thing! Being surrounded by 3 burdens in her negative ji-chou LP. Finally, when her situation reached the boiling point, she managed to divorce her husband who was please to let her have custody of the baby.

Soon after that, she was involved with a married man and recently she gave birth to another baby boy. She was hoping that this man will divorce his wife and marry her.

With the double betrayal harm in the natal chart, do you think her wish will come true?

In the present wu-zi LP, she needs to be careful as there is another double zi-mao punishment. I'm afraid that people might take advantage of her vulnerability.

However, there is a good side in this wu-zi LP. The wu will combine with gui and transform into positive fire stars which are her wealth stars and her positive husband star. She said that her ex-husband has recently started to pay up due to court order and the married man still sends her money every month. She's also getting a decent pay from a new job.

She told me that she's willing to let go of this married man if her Mr Right appears. A very wise move indeed.

Hope she will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A tycoon's chart

This is the chart of Mr Li Ka-Shing, Hong Kong richest business tycoon.

Why is this chart so fantastic?

Like the previous chart, this is a fake vibrant chart. The favourable stars are the wood, fire and earth stars. For a fake vibrant chart, the self stars are also his wealth stars and they are in abundance and strongly rooted.

The brilliant part of the chart is that the useful god, fire stars are also strongly rooted.

Wish you have this kind of chart?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top student

This is the chart of one of my students who obtained straight As in the pre-u exams 2 years ago. He is currently in the 2nd year in a local university studying to be a doctor. He's also a very talented drummer. A future doctor that rocks or a future rocker that cures?

Either way, his chart is a fake vibrant chart with earth stars in 7 palaces. His favourable stars are the fire and the earth stars. With so much strongly rooted earth self stars, he's a popular person among his friends and he should be a successful doctor as the earth self stars also represent his wealth.

However, there is a minor glitch in his chart. There is a double zi-wei confusion harm affecting the spouse palace and the positive spouse stars of earth and negative spouse star of water. I told him 2 years ago that these harms can cause him to be confused with his feelings. True enough, he broke off with his girlfriend recently, sighting lost of feelings for her. Perhaps, in this ji-chou year, another target has appeared as ji is revealed in the stem.