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Monday, December 21, 2009

Surrounded by spirit guides

In bazi, the fire stars represent the spiritual and as such they also represent the spirit guides or guardian angels if positive. If negative, they represent the bad spirits.

The above geng DM is a weak one. Since the ji earth resource star is protruding, the dings fire officer stars too become positive. The geng DM is actually surrounded by 3 dings.

This chart belongs to a young man who is 21 years old. He was my student. He has always felt that there are "beings" around him. Below are some of the accounts of his experience.

"When I was young I could always see "an old man" with a stick (tongkat) looking at me whenever I was in bed about to sleep.

There was once when I was in a shop that sells prayer items, I saw "Guan Di" (a Chinese deity) flying out of the shop.

During the Buddha's day Wesak procession in the year 2002, I saw a golden dragon flying above in the sky. When it disappeared, I brought my attention back to the parade of floats and was surprised that the float in front of me was a float featuring a dragon.

One day, my mother and I went to a Chinese temple to pray. There was a medium in a trance state who suddenly called me over. He told me that I have some spiritual powers and that I too can help people in the future."

Did you notice the hai-si clash in his natal chart?

I'm signing off for this year and I take this opportunity to wish you all the bazi lovers out there

"Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2010".

Monday, December 7, 2009

She has "yin yang" eyes

This is the chart of a close friend of mine who has "yin yang" eyes. She's 46 years old now. Since young, she has the ability to see "things" at will. Unlike those who can see "things" occasionally, her ability is life long. I remembered on one occasion when she was praying at an altar, she saw beautiful lotuses dropping through the ceiling onto the altar table.

Her real life ghost stories can prove to be too much for those who has faint hearts. Better excuse yourself when she starts her ghost stories.

Apart from seeing "things", she has the ability to communicate with all the good spirits out there during her sleep. There was once she spoke to a beautiful Indian deity and was surprise to see that the "lady" does not have a naval! Well, coming to think of the logic, deities are not born through the wombs.

Just like the 2 previous charts, there is a hai-si clash which opens the heaven's gate. The protruding gui's again represent the "vapour objects". Those learning Bazi should know that gui-hai is a very powerful jia-zi among the 60 jia-zi's. If there are other good indications, a DM having gui-hai as the day pillar can be a very spiritual person.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It runs in the family?

Strangely, I have recently keep coming across either charts of people who are able to see "unworldly things" or people who are able to act as mediums in a trance state. I will share these charts with you one at a time.

This is the chart of the elder brother of the gentleman from the previous post with the title "Seeing a ghost". He's now 44 years old. According to his sister, when he was young, he could see white objects moving about. Amazingly, he could often see light objects flying around too. Apart from seeing "things", he has also entered into a trance state before but he did not speak at that time.

Just like the previous post, there is a hai-si clash and a protruding gui which represents the "vapour objects" in the natal chart.

People who are able to act as mediums in a trance state usually have a water and fire clash of either zi-wu or hai-si in their natal charts. These clashes don't have to be side by side.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Seeing a ghost

This chart belongs to a friend's elder brother who is now 39 years old. He's working in the United Kingdom and has recently seen a ghost while brushing his teeth in his toilet. He quickly shifted out, thinking that his house is haunted.

How can we explain this phenomena from his bazi chart?

1. The hai is considered the heaven's gate and when it is clashed by the si, the gate to the other world will open. There is a double hai-si clash in his natal chart.

2. The indirect resource stars also represent the sixth sense. He has a very strong sixth sense since the ji-chou in the hour pillar are his indirect resource stars. Now his sixth sense are strongly heightened since he is in the ji-chou LP and also this year is the ji-chou year. He is very sensitive now since there is a triple ji-chou fu-yin.

3. Since the DM is a weak one, the negative gui gives the image of the "vapour figure".

Please do not be mistaken that anyone with the hai-si clash will be able to see a ghost.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 times unlucky

This is the chart of a 37 years old pretty lady who has been married 3 times. She married and divorced twice during her gui-mao LP. Then, she married her third husband during her jia-chen LP. Her third husband was a lawyer then, and they had a son. Unfortunately for her, he became a bankrupt and ran away because of his debts to the loan sharks. I'm not clear how he got himself into such a situation.

What are the indications from her chart that point to her ill marriage luck?

1. This is a strong gui DM. Since her negative resource xin stars are protruding in the stems, her officer earth stars become negative. Unfortunately for her, the earth stars are strongly rooted. For a lady with strong DM, the officer stars also represent her husband stars. Chances are she will be attracted to the wrong men.

2. During the gui-mao LP, the gui-mao is forming a negative fu-yin with the day pillar with the negative gui water star protruding. Thus, 2 sad divorces in her gui-mao LP. Sorry that I don't have any details on the 2 guys.

3. During the jia-chen LP, the chen is forming a betrayal harm with the mao of the day branch which also represent the spouse palace. This harm on her spouse palace brought about her third marriage problem.

4. The correct star in her spouse palace should be the earth star. Unfortunately, her spouse palace contains a wood star which counters the earth husband star.

However, all is not lost. At the very least, she still has her 4 years old son, which has brought her much joy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Heart attack

This is the chart of a man born in 1952. He died of a sudden heart attack in the year 2006, bing-xu year during the bing-chen LP. Prior to the attack, he was healthy as an ox. There was no indication of an impending attack.

This chart DM is a weak jia DM. Since his resource and officer stars are protruding in the stems, his only negative star is the output fire star.

So, as he moved into the bing-chen LP, the negative fire star started to protrude. In the year 2006, bing-xu year, all the multiple chen-xu clashes were activated. All these clashes released the metal, water and the fire stars. In the production and destruction cycles, metal produces water and water counters the fire stars. In Zi Ping technical method of reading, the jia wood, being the DM, cannot arbitrate the water and fire clash . So, the fire stars are at the mercy of the strong water stars.

The heart is a fire star and in this case, the bing represents the heart.

I have often seen earth clashes in the day and month branches denoting health issues. Please refer to the post with the title "Stomach cancer".

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Millionaire before

Very often, we have seen rich people losing much of their wealth because of their complacency and carelessness. All these can be avoided if they knew the contents of their bazi charts.

The above chart belongs to a 57 years old man who has this story to tell.

"During my younger days, earning money was very easy. I used to plant all kind of fruits and the good harvests soon made me a millionaire. Everything was so smooth back then. Due to my carelessness, I was cheated a few times. There was once, a sweet-talking lady cheated me of a very large amount of money. Even my wife took much of my money. We have since separated, although officially we are still husband and wife. Nowadays, I drive a bus for a living. I guess the good times are over."

This is a weak ding DM. His resource, officer and wealth stars are all protruding in the stems. As such, this chart has potential of making it big. This kind of chart harness wealth through self stars and wealth stars. His metal wealth stars are strongly rooted in the month branch. However, his useful god, the jia wood star is floating without any roots in the branches. This has affected the quality of the chart.

The problems of this chart lie in the earthly branches. The zi-wu clash caused him to lose money for trusting people too easily since the zi is a resource star. The si-shen destruction affects both the fire and metal stars that represent his money. Well, this is the destruction that caused him to lose much of his money to his wife since it affects his spouse palace.

The only negative star in this kind of chart is the output star. Unfortunately for him, he has entered the wu-yin LP with the negative wu earth protruding.

However, I believe that he still has some savings and he is now keeping a low profile which is the best for him.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Multiple issues

This chart belongs to a 35 years old lady who has some disturbing issues. This Jia DM is a strong one although not born in season. The wood and water stars are the unfavourable ones.

1st issue - She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2002 ren-wu year. There is a negative jia-yin fu-yin in the natal chart thus overloading the chart with negative wood stars. Jia also represents the head. Luckily for her, bing-yin LP with the positive fire star protruding then helped her to pull through. Fire stars are the useful gods. They will help to reduce the strength of the wood stars and help to maintain the balance of the chart.

2nd issue - She has decided to go separate ways with her husband. Her spouse palace contains the negative spouse self star and she felt burdened by her husband. The love has frizzled out. There are 2 si-yin ungrateful harms in the natal chart and 1 of them affects the spouse palace.

3rd issue - Will she get the custody of her only daughter if they go separate ways? Base on her bazi, there is a likelihood that she might not get it. She's currently in the yi-chou LP which is forming a negative fu-yin with the hour pillar. The hour pillar also represents the children palace. Her daughter star is the bing fire star and in the spouse palace, the negative husband star, jia is with the bing. This shows that her husband and her daughter are very close to each other. Guess, I'm preparing her for the worst.

Since her useful gods are the fire stars, I told her to be more involve in her church and to do more spiritual work. She said that she has recently started to involve herself in her church's projects and has never felt better. Maybe, she will also find her Mr Right there too since her actual husband star, geng is with the bing fire star inside si.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A divorce case

This is the chart of a 44 years old lady who was divorced in 1998 due to a third party. She has a daughter and a son.

This is a strong ji DM. So, her husband star is the wood star. In her natal chart, there is a yi wood star in the year stem. Meanwhile, her competitors are the earth self stars.

Here are the indications that she will lose her husband to another lady.

1. The geng-yi combination will transform into metal star supported by the chou month and thus causing the yi husband star to disappear.

2. In the month stem, there is another ji star which represents another lady that comes between her DM and her yi husband star.

3. Her spouse palace contains a negative fire star which is supporting a wu earth star inside si.

This wu star was revealed in 1998, wu-yin year. She found out that her husband was having an affair in 1998 and promptly divorced him. In 1998, the yin was also harming the 2 si's in the natal chart and 1 of the si's is in the spouse palace.

After her divorce she remains a single mother until now. Thanks to her LPs, she was alright financially.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stomach cancer

This is the chart of a close friend of mine who has passed on at the age of 60 due to the cancer of the stomach in 2008, wu-zi year. The stomach problem is basically the earth problem.

This is a weak jia DM and so earth stars are negative. Upon entering the wu-chen LP, his chart started to go out of balance with the overloading of earth stars since wu-chen is a very strong earth pillar. There is also a double chen-xu clash affecting the day and month branches of the natal chart.

You should be able to guess why it has to be the wu-zi year. The wu-zi year is having a negative fu-yin with the year pillar of the natal chart and thus this crying event happened in 2008.

Since his passing, I have dreamt of him twice. On both occasions, he was happy and relaxing in the Buddhist temple where he took as his 2nd home. He was an electrician and he used to decorate the temple with beautiful lightings for every of the temple's celebrations.

I'm sure he has found peace.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kidney failure

This is the chart of a man who was born in 1960 and passed away at the age of 47 in 2007, ding-hai year due to kidney failure.

This is a weak wu DM, having only 1 support from the month branch. Therefore, the metal, water and wood stars are not favourable for him.

The 2 zi's in the natal chart represents his kidneys. His problems should have started in the yi-you LP when the you started to destruct the 2 zi's. Upon entering the bing-xu LP, his useful god, bing was combined away by xin and transformed into water stars. This transformation also lured the shen-si in the natal chart to transform into water stars too and thus flooding the chart. A chart that is out of balance with a very strong negative star can bring about serious illness. The disappearance of his useful god, bing is the final blow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stones in the bladder

This is the chart of a 52 years old lady who has stones in her bladder. She is a strong jia DM and so the water stars are not favourable. The 2 zi's in the middle of the chart represent her bladder. On one side, there is a zi-you destruction while on the other side, the ji earth inside chou is contaminating the gui water inside zi.

Why is it occuring this year?

Obviously, it is because this year is a very strong earth, ji-chou year.

I told her to drink lots and lots of water and she told me that her doctor has also advised her to do the same but this is something she finds it difficult to do. I guess some people just don't like to drink water.

Anyway, this is not going to be a serious problem since she's now in her favourable ding-si LP. Normally, serious health problems are more likely to occur when the chart is very ill balance with a very strong negative star and that person is also going through a very bad LP.

Good health to all and please drink more clean water.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 young men with the same bazi

This is the chart of two 26 years old men who are not related in any way. However, they share the same bazi. Will their destiny be the same?

This chart is a weak gui DM. The water DM is surrounded by fire, earth and wood stars. So, the favourable stars are the water and metal stars. Both the young men are in their favourable LP since the first 4 LPs have water and metal stars protruding.

The 1st gentleman took over his father's coffee shop after his father passed away about 3 years ago. His business is quite alright although not that fantastic. He's also doing direct sales and has another partnership business. Overall, he said that his monthly income exceeds RM5,000.

The 2nd gentleman took over a photostating business about 5 years ago and his business has been good since day one. I have seen that his business has been growing from year to year. He just bought some new machines to upgrade his business.

I would grade the 2nd gentleman to be more successful at this moment.

Apart from doing business, they too have 1 more thing in common. Both broke up with their girlfriends before. The zi-wei confusion harm in the natal chart should be the culprit.

Although 2 persons share the same bazi, their achievements could be different because bazi is just a road map. Human actions make the difference.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One bad year

This is the chart of a 46 years old man who was doing very well doing direct sales on all kind of products. He's really a good salesman, very good in using his mouth to persuade and convince his customers. That's how he made much of his money, being a top salesman.

He is a strong bing DM and his metal wealth stars are considerably strong with minor roots inside xu. You can see that his 3rd and 4th LPs too have his wealth stars protruding.

Then came the year 2006, bing-xu year which was a disaster for him. A strong DM dislikes to see self stars. It means that there's a likelihood his money willl flow out. In 2006, not only the negative bing appeared, the bing-xu year is also forming a negative fu-yin with the day pillar. Since it hit the day pillar, it is very likely to affect him directly.

So, a friend of his came and invited him to join venture for a 'fantastic' investment. The result is that his friend took away from him an amount close to RM300,000 and disappeared.

Just remember to be extra careful whenever you enter a negative fu-yin year.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Follower chart that does not follow

This is the chart of a 32 years old lady who was a clerk in a company in Singapore until the middle of 2008. According to her brother, she was charmed (black magic) by a man in his sixties and she became mentally ill. Her family brought her back to Malacca, Malaysia for treatment but there was no improvement. Then her father took her to Thailand for a spiritual cure as her family believes this to be a spiritual problem.

From the technical point of view, this chart is a follower chart since none of the 7 palaces support the ren water DM. On top of that, there is the si-wu-wei seasonal summer fire frame that transforms into fire stars. The whole chart is really on fire. If this is a true follower chart, then this lady would have made her money easily since fire stars are her wealth stars. Her real life story tells us otherwise. She was just getting a clerical pay prior to her problem.

So, this is a weak ren water DM and fire stars are her negative stars besides wood and earth stars. People with strong negative fire stars are more prone to problems of the spiritual kind since fire also represent spirituality.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Multiple earth clashes

This is the chart of a 48 years old man who was once a millionaire. This is a strong xin DM and so his self, resource and officer stars are negative. Suitable for negative industry? (pian men)

He told me that he was already a millionaire in his late 20's during his yi-wei LP. Everything seems to work for him then and earning money was really easy. In his yi-wei LP, his wealth star yi was protruding and there were multiple chou-wei clashes that released his wood wealth stars from the storages of wei.

Moving into jia-wu LP, he continued to ride on his good luck as the protruding jia wood is his wealth star. He moved out of the negative industry and operated a successful mini market in this jia-wu LP.

Suddenly, he ran out of luck in the gui-si LP and lost everything due to bad investments and speculations. What happened in this gui-si LP? A strong DM does not want to meet more self stars. Meeting self stars means losing money. In this gui-si LP, there are 2 sets of si-you-chou metal frame that transform into metal stars supported by the you month branch and lured by the xin star in the year stem. Really bad!

One bad LP can cause us to lose everything. Knowing our bazi's can really give us an advantage and save us from losing everything. However, I believe that you need the Heaven's blessings in order to know of the impending danger.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 sets of bullying punishment

This is the chart of a 24 years old lady who met a life changing accident in 2003, gui-wei year during her yi-you LP. She was 18 years old then. She was riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend sitting behind her when she suddenly fell on her own and crashed to the ground. Her left leg was badly smashed and it had to be amputated. Her boyfriend escaped with minor injuries.

During the yi-you LP, the you is forming a harm with the xu of the day branch and this harm is also known as the bodily harm. The actual problem of this chart is that it has 2 sets of xu-wei-chou bullying punishment.

Technically speaking, this is a fake follower chart. Thus, water and metal stars are not favourable. In 2003, the gui-wei AP is forming a fu-yin with the month pillar. Since the protruding gui water star is not favourable, this fu-yin is a negative one.

This lady has a very strong will power. Although she missed much of her schooling hours, she managed to sit for her pre-u exams the following year. Guess what? She did well enough to secure a place in a local university and has since graduated in 2008.

I wish her well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Always broke

This is the chart of a 42 years old man who is always broke. His xin DM is a weak one. Without any resource star in the stem, his officer and wealth stars are negative. Unfortunately for him, his negative officer and wealth stars are strongly rooted.

The real problem is the mao-chen betrayal harm affecting his spouse palace. All his money has gone to all the women of his life.

First, he has given away more than RM20,000 to his first girlfriend after securing a bank loan for his car air-con spare parts business. It seems that the girl has never accepted his love.

For his 2nd love, he managed to marry the girl although his whole family objected. The girl decided to marry him after he gave her all his winnings from a lottery amounting to RM16,000. Three years later, the lady decided to leave him by pretending to be mad. All in all, he has given her close to RM30,000.

Soon after the divorce, he met another woman who has been divorced twice. After that, he started a cleaning company. At first, his business seems alright and he gave most of the earnings to her. Poor man! I wonder what he is thinking. Now that his business is bad, he is borrowing money everywhere just to give it to the woman.

He has a very lousy temper too. It is indicated by the ren water in the hour stem which is his negative hurting officer. He will not take advice from anybody. This is the saddest part.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Photographic memory

This is the chart of a 3rd year university student in Singapore. He is known to have a photographic memory. His memory is definitely much more superior than an average university student. He obtained a maximum point of 5.0 in his first year CGPA, thanks to his powerful memory.

Can you see this from the image of the natal chart?

It's in the year, month and day pillars. Wu in the year stem and inside the year branch, geng in the month stem and inside the month branch, while yi is in the day stem and in the day branch.

Technical wise, this chart is a fake follower chart. So, his negative stars are the water and wood stars. This boy is from a very rich background as his wealth stars are strongly rooted in the year pillar.

However, his present ren-xu LP is an unfavourable one because the negative ren water is protruding. He told me that he had many operations on his liver when he was 14 years old. The yi wood DM being sandwiched by the xin and geng metal gives us the image of the operations.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Betrayal harm

This is the chart of a 33 years old lady. She has a double mao-chen harm in the natal chart. Mao-chen harm is also known as the betrayal harm.

She was married in her early twenties. Soon after giving birth to her 1st son, things started to go wrong. She has to work to support the child and her jobless husband. On top of that, she has to face her mother-in-law who has never liked her before.

Technical analysis suggests that her DM is a weak one although she was born in her resource month. Being a weak DM, her negative stars are the earth, metal and water stars.

Looking at the chart, her weak ding DM is being squeezed between gui, her negative spouse star and xin, her negative mother-in-law star. Right below the ding DM is the earth star, her negative children star. Poor thing! Being surrounded by 3 burdens in her negative ji-chou LP. Finally, when her situation reached the boiling point, she managed to divorce her husband who was please to let her have custody of the baby.

Soon after that, she was involved with a married man and recently she gave birth to another baby boy. She was hoping that this man will divorce his wife and marry her.

With the double betrayal harm in the natal chart, do you think her wish will come true?

In the present wu-zi LP, she needs to be careful as there is another double zi-mao punishment. I'm afraid that people might take advantage of her vulnerability.

However, there is a good side in this wu-zi LP. The wu will combine with gui and transform into positive fire stars which are her wealth stars and her positive husband star. She said that her ex-husband has recently started to pay up due to court order and the married man still sends her money every month. She's also getting a decent pay from a new job.

She told me that she's willing to let go of this married man if her Mr Right appears. A very wise move indeed.

Hope she will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A tycoon's chart

This is the chart of Mr Li Ka-Shing, Hong Kong richest business tycoon.

Why is this chart so fantastic?

Like the previous chart, this is a fake vibrant chart. The favourable stars are the wood, fire and earth stars. For a fake vibrant chart, the self stars are also his wealth stars and they are in abundance and strongly rooted.

The brilliant part of the chart is that the useful god, fire stars are also strongly rooted.

Wish you have this kind of chart?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top student

This is the chart of one of my students who obtained straight As in the pre-u exams 2 years ago. He is currently in the 2nd year in a local university studying to be a doctor. He's also a very talented drummer. A future doctor that rocks or a future rocker that cures?

Either way, his chart is a fake vibrant chart with earth stars in 7 palaces. His favourable stars are the fire and the earth stars. With so much strongly rooted earth self stars, he's a popular person among his friends and he should be a successful doctor as the earth self stars also represent his wealth.

However, there is a minor glitch in his chart. There is a double zi-wei confusion harm affecting the spouse palace and the positive spouse stars of earth and negative spouse star of water. I told him 2 years ago that these harms can cause him to be confused with his feelings. True enough, he broke off with his girlfriend recently, sighting lost of feelings for her. Perhaps, in this ji-chou year, another target has appeared as ji is revealed in the stem.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fuyin can also be a joyous event

I like to thank David from Yi Bazi for having invited me to share his bazi blog recently. I had a wonderful time sharing my thoughts and also learning from his thoughts and discussions, not forgetting opinions and views of others too. I like his philosophical style of writing and he has a very good flair at it. Once again, a million thanks.

It's a natural urge for me to start my own blog and I hope that all the bazi lovers out there will write in to share their thoughts.

This is the chart of a close friend's very rich uncle who is now 54 years old. According to my friend, he has well over RM50 million.

This is a strong ren DM born at the door of wealth since his wealth fire stars are strongly rooted in the month branch. He started his wealth accumulation in the bing-shen LP which is forming a fuyin with the year pillar. A fuyin has always been thought as a crying event but actually, it can be a joyous one if the protruding star is favourable. In this case, the bing fire star is favourable for a strong ren DM. A fuyin always has a multiplication effect.

What is his business strategy of growing his wealth so rapidly?

He built up his capital from his own business during the bing-shen LP after which he formed many partnerships with good businesses that needed his capital. He sure knew how to use his negative self stars for good.