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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Millionaire before

Very often, we have seen rich people losing much of their wealth because of their complacency and carelessness. All these can be avoided if they knew the contents of their bazi charts.

The above chart belongs to a 57 years old man who has this story to tell.

"During my younger days, earning money was very easy. I used to plant all kind of fruits and the good harvests soon made me a millionaire. Everything was so smooth back then. Due to my carelessness, I was cheated a few times. There was once, a sweet-talking lady cheated me of a very large amount of money. Even my wife took much of my money. We have since separated, although officially we are still husband and wife. Nowadays, I drive a bus for a living. I guess the good times are over."

This is a weak ding DM. His resource, officer and wealth stars are all protruding in the stems. As such, this chart has potential of making it big. This kind of chart harness wealth through self stars and wealth stars. His metal wealth stars are strongly rooted in the month branch. However, his useful god, the jia wood star is floating without any roots in the branches. This has affected the quality of the chart.

The problems of this chart lie in the earthly branches. The zi-wu clash caused him to lose money for trusting people too easily since the zi is a resource star. The si-shen destruction affects both the fire and metal stars that represent his money. Well, this is the destruction that caused him to lose much of his money to his wife since it affects his spouse palace.

The only negative star in this kind of chart is the output star. Unfortunately for him, he has entered the wu-yin LP with the negative wu earth protruding.

However, I believe that he still has some savings and he is now keeping a low profile which is the best for him.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Multiple issues

This chart belongs to a 35 years old lady who has some disturbing issues. This Jia DM is a strong one although not born in season. The wood and water stars are the unfavourable ones.

1st issue - She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2002 ren-wu year. There is a negative jia-yin fu-yin in the natal chart thus overloading the chart with negative wood stars. Jia also represents the head. Luckily for her, bing-yin LP with the positive fire star protruding then helped her to pull through. Fire stars are the useful gods. They will help to reduce the strength of the wood stars and help to maintain the balance of the chart.

2nd issue - She has decided to go separate ways with her husband. Her spouse palace contains the negative spouse self star and she felt burdened by her husband. The love has frizzled out. There are 2 si-yin ungrateful harms in the natal chart and 1 of them affects the spouse palace.

3rd issue - Will she get the custody of her only daughter if they go separate ways? Base on her bazi, there is a likelihood that she might not get it. She's currently in the yi-chou LP which is forming a negative fu-yin with the hour pillar. The hour pillar also represents the children palace. Her daughter star is the bing fire star and in the spouse palace, the negative husband star, jia is with the bing. This shows that her husband and her daughter are very close to each other. Guess, I'm preparing her for the worst.

Since her useful gods are the fire stars, I told her to be more involve in her church and to do more spiritual work. She said that she has recently started to involve herself in her church's projects and has never felt better. Maybe, she will also find her Mr Right there too since her actual husband star, geng is with the bing fire star inside si.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A divorce case

This is the chart of a 44 years old lady who was divorced in 1998 due to a third party. She has a daughter and a son.

This is a strong ji DM. So, her husband star is the wood star. In her natal chart, there is a yi wood star in the year stem. Meanwhile, her competitors are the earth self stars.

Here are the indications that she will lose her husband to another lady.

1. The geng-yi combination will transform into metal star supported by the chou month and thus causing the yi husband star to disappear.

2. In the month stem, there is another ji star which represents another lady that comes between her DM and her yi husband star.

3. Her spouse palace contains a negative fire star which is supporting a wu earth star inside si.

This wu star was revealed in 1998, wu-yin year. She found out that her husband was having an affair in 1998 and promptly divorced him. In 1998, the yin was also harming the 2 si's in the natal chart and 1 of the si's is in the spouse palace.

After her divorce she remains a single mother until now. Thanks to her LPs, she was alright financially.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stomach cancer

This is the chart of a close friend of mine who has passed on at the age of 60 due to the cancer of the stomach in 2008, wu-zi year. The stomach problem is basically the earth problem.

This is a weak jia DM and so earth stars are negative. Upon entering the wu-chen LP, his chart started to go out of balance with the overloading of earth stars since wu-chen is a very strong earth pillar. There is also a double chen-xu clash affecting the day and month branches of the natal chart.

You should be able to guess why it has to be the wu-zi year. The wu-zi year is having a negative fu-yin with the year pillar of the natal chart and thus this crying event happened in 2008.

Since his passing, I have dreamt of him twice. On both occasions, he was happy and relaxing in the Buddhist temple where he took as his 2nd home. He was an electrician and he used to decorate the temple with beautiful lightings for every of the temple's celebrations.

I'm sure he has found peace.