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Monday, November 23, 2009

Seeing a ghost

This chart belongs to a friend's elder brother who is now 39 years old. He's working in the United Kingdom and has recently seen a ghost while brushing his teeth in his toilet. He quickly shifted out, thinking that his house is haunted.

How can we explain this phenomena from his bazi chart?

1. The hai is considered the heaven's gate and when it is clashed by the si, the gate to the other world will open. There is a double hai-si clash in his natal chart.

2. The indirect resource stars also represent the sixth sense. He has a very strong sixth sense since the ji-chou in the hour pillar are his indirect resource stars. Now his sixth sense are strongly heightened since he is in the ji-chou LP and also this year is the ji-chou year. He is very sensitive now since there is a triple ji-chou fu-yin.

3. Since the DM is a weak one, the negative gui gives the image of the "vapour figure".

Please do not be mistaken that anyone with the hai-si clash will be able to see a ghost.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 times unlucky

This is the chart of a 37 years old pretty lady who has been married 3 times. She married and divorced twice during her gui-mao LP. Then, she married her third husband during her jia-chen LP. Her third husband was a lawyer then, and they had a son. Unfortunately for her, he became a bankrupt and ran away because of his debts to the loan sharks. I'm not clear how he got himself into such a situation.

What are the indications from her chart that point to her ill marriage luck?

1. This is a strong gui DM. Since her negative resource xin stars are protruding in the stems, her officer earth stars become negative. Unfortunately for her, the earth stars are strongly rooted. For a lady with strong DM, the officer stars also represent her husband stars. Chances are she will be attracted to the wrong men.

2. During the gui-mao LP, the gui-mao is forming a negative fu-yin with the day pillar with the negative gui water star protruding. Thus, 2 sad divorces in her gui-mao LP. Sorry that I don't have any details on the 2 guys.

3. During the jia-chen LP, the chen is forming a betrayal harm with the mao of the day branch which also represent the spouse palace. This harm on her spouse palace brought about her third marriage problem.

4. The correct star in her spouse palace should be the earth star. Unfortunately, her spouse palace contains a wood star which counters the earth husband star.

However, all is not lost. At the very least, she still has her 4 years old son, which has brought her much joy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Heart attack

This is the chart of a man born in 1952. He died of a sudden heart attack in the year 2006, bing-xu year during the bing-chen LP. Prior to the attack, he was healthy as an ox. There was no indication of an impending attack.

This chart DM is a weak jia DM. Since his resource and officer stars are protruding in the stems, his only negative star is the output fire star.

So, as he moved into the bing-chen LP, the negative fire star started to protrude. In the year 2006, bing-xu year, all the multiple chen-xu clashes were activated. All these clashes released the metal, water and the fire stars. In the production and destruction cycles, metal produces water and water counters the fire stars. In Zi Ping technical method of reading, the jia wood, being the DM, cannot arbitrate the water and fire clash . So, the fire stars are at the mercy of the strong water stars.

The heart is a fire star and in this case, the bing represents the heart.

I have often seen earth clashes in the day and month branches denoting health issues. Please refer to the post with the title "Stomach cancer".