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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fuyin can also be a joyous event

I like to thank David from Yi Bazi for having invited me to share his bazi blog recently. I had a wonderful time sharing my thoughts and also learning from his thoughts and discussions, not forgetting opinions and views of others too. I like his philosophical style of writing and he has a very good flair at it. Once again, a million thanks.

It's a natural urge for me to start my own blog and I hope that all the bazi lovers out there will write in to share their thoughts.

This is the chart of a close friend's very rich uncle who is now 54 years old. According to my friend, he has well over RM50 million.

This is a strong ren DM born at the door of wealth since his wealth fire stars are strongly rooted in the month branch. He started his wealth accumulation in the bing-shen LP which is forming a fuyin with the year pillar. A fuyin has always been thought as a crying event but actually, it can be a joyous one if the protruding star is favourable. In this case, the bing fire star is favourable for a strong ren DM. A fuyin always has a multiplication effect.

What is his business strategy of growing his wealth so rapidly?

He built up his capital from his own business during the bing-shen LP after which he formed many partnerships with good businesses that needed his capital. He sure knew how to use his negative self stars for good.