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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spiritually challenging chart

This is the chart of Y who wrote in to have a better understanding about his life. It is quite a spiritually challenging chart. In order not to disclose anything too personal, I have ask him to write in the comment column on his readings for learning purposes. Below is his e-mail to me.

Hi Lwee,

How do you do? I obtained your email from Bing Bazi. Not sure if welcomed to ask for your Bazi guidance? In case yes, very much appreciate your take on my chart which you may share on your blog too (excluding personal info :)

I read your post on yin-yang eyes and interestingly I do have Gui-Hai in my year pillar and sometimes have spirit/spiritual experiences. So far most experiences with spirit has been negative sense where I felt been paralysed and approached by bad spirits just before entering sleep state. Maybe this is not so uncommon. From a spiritual sense eg. I have experienced my body exploding & my Guru visiting me in dreams.

My questions:

1) Does the chart support further development of this faculty?

2)Would a religious lifestyle suit this chart? From what I gather the chart is already strong in fire (not favourable element) hence such a life is not suitable..?

Any other advice...Currently facing possible retrenchment as Geng-Yin begins. Also facing health challenges.

Thank you for reading my mail.




  1. Here's my take on the chart-

    Pictorially individual is weak like a warm drying stream due to height of summer (solstice) & sitting on warm land too. Seems to be contained (restricted) between boulders/mountains which also blocks the welcomed drizzle of rain.... suggestive of difficulty obtaining help? Source of the stream is also weak due to the whole environment’s heat including from Wu-Gui stem combination. Conclusion too much fire (wealth) producing weak health. Health is expected to decline in current Wood LP which increases heat... too many desires?

    Physically/outwardly many limitations and obstacles. Wu-Wu clash gives self punishment affecting relations with elders/partners in family/work. Day jiazi shows bad temper.

    Current LP: YiMao
    -defiance to authority -seeking recognition -frequent changing of jobs

    QUESTIONS: In this weakening LP, how should one go about strengthening the Metal and Water elements for this chart? What type of activities or jobs?

    What kind of Spiritual path would be suitable for the chart... does not increases fire &/or strengthens metal-water?


    Element weightage (source- http://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/chineseastrology.htm )

    Five elements Total
    Water (you) 65
    Wood (kids) 56
    Fire (money) 94
    Soil (job) 141
    Metal (mom) 8

    Element METAL to balance chart.

  2. It's a struggle for him btwn now and chinese age 46. Dominant women in his lives both at home and at work.
    Should not take much risks with money and investments at the moment. He should use the agility and mobility of the Shen branch to balance himself. I would advise him to learn up metaphysics to improve himself.

  3. Hi,

    Sorry. Y has felt a little uneasy. He's not commenting on his readings. We respect his wish for privacy.

  4. hi this is Y. Wish to confirm on 怡保老世's read... its true about the dominant women at work/home ...
    Is it true that for a overwhelming wealth element chart like mine... that generally money (fire) won't bring happiness, instead person should focus on nurturing self (metal)? otherwise weak self/health will suffer further?

  5. Y,
    You will find that you can enjoy wealth and money more when you reach your water luck pillars. Your DM is Water not Metal. The problem with Ren Water ppl is that they think too much and they cannot stop doing so. A bit meditation practice may help control your mind. You should not worry about the retrenchment too much. The Tiger year is the Academic star for Ren Water. You should take opportunity to study and improve yourself. It is quite unfortunate that your Shen branch is in D&E, you need to work twice as hard to make it work for you. Is relationship with your elder siblings also bad?

  6. Dear怡保老世,
    Relation with elder sibling generally was not good, now is better, not close but ok.
    I feel my destiny is very controlling, placing many restrictions on my life. Isn't it true my chart is so hot and dry and self is weak and "trapped" between earth. Before age 46 (if i survive till then :) how can i balance/use my chart to have a fulfilling & successful life?
    I am interested in metaphysics (expensive to learn)& spirituality too but heard that spiritual is fire element and might not help me?
    Is this a "poor" quality chart since self is weak and resource also weak... how can i improve on health?
    thanks & Gong xi fa cai!

  7. dear, its confirm my lost of job soon... so what next? !!!

  8. Since you have a health problem, tackle that first. Ren water folks need to stop thinking and thinking and thinking without proper action. Prioritize wat u need to do.