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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heaty liver

This is the chart of a 14 years boy whom I suspect has a very heaty liver. A heaty liver can cause a person to be irritable and temperamental. If not addressed, the liver can also be in problem. If sleep is insufficient, he is likely to have headaches and it can also affect his vision.

There are 2 sets of hai-mao-wei woodframe that transfromed into wood stars supported by the water season. This transformation caused the ding fire DM to become strong. A strong fire DM does not want self and resource stars. The protruding dings make the liver heaty. The liver is represented by the yi in the year stem.

This boy has just returned home from a 5-days camp. He was down with a fever that seems to return each time after sudsiding. His mother wonders why the medicine is not working and she is suspecting that his boy might have crossed path with the bad spirits. With the 2 negative dings beside the ding DM, we cannot rule out this possibility.


  1. Hi Lwee,

    Does this chart classify as a special dominant chart since the wei-mao-hai already transform into wood elements? Hence the favourable elements are fire and wood?


  2. Hi MC,

    This chart cannot be a vibrant chart because despite the transformation, the season is still the water season.

    Regards, Lwee.

  3. Its a strong vibrant chart.
    From what i am taught from my teacher, as long as month is converted into self-element via formation, the season effect is not taken into account.
    Based on his bazi aka 'strong vibrant chart:-
    1)this boy is borned in a very rich family.
    2)Closer relationship with mother than father.

  4. Hi Lee,

    Despite any transformation, a season cannot be transformed. His real life experience shows that he is a strong ding DM. His mother has confirmed from 2 different sources that the boy has indeed crossed path with bad spirits. Fire stars are definitely negative for him.


  5. Hi Lwee,
    Is he from a rich family like what Lee said?
    if so, how do you decipher that point?


  6. Hi Cathy Smith,

    He's not from a rich family. His father is not working and his mother is working in a bank. I would say it's just an average family. He has an elder brother.


  7. Hi Lwee,

    How can you tell if someone is from a wealthy or well to do family by looking at the bazi chart? some say its from the wealth elements around the chart, but sometimes that doesn't constitute the person is wealthy or from a well to do background.

    What are the factors?

  8. No metal in this chart, not likely to be wealthy.

    How is his relationship with his mom? The double Pig punishment seems antagonistic for him. Direct Officer and Resource involved. Mom has difficulty in disciplining him or interference from Grandmother on it?

  9. Hi Cathy,

    Normally, if a person is from a wealthy background, he will have a solid block of positive wealth stars either in his year or month pillar. Please refer to the August 2009 post on "Photographic memory". This boy is from a very wealthy background. He has a block of positive wealth stars in his year pillar.


  10. Hi,

    Just like an ordinary mother trying her best to provide for her son who can be temperamental at times. Don't know anything about his grandma.