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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heaty liver

This is the chart of a 14 years boy whom I suspect has a very heaty liver. A heaty liver can cause a person to be irritable and temperamental. If not addressed, the liver can also be in problem. If sleep is insufficient, he is likely to have headaches and it can also affect his vision.

There are 2 sets of hai-mao-wei woodframe that transfromed into wood stars supported by the water season. This transformation caused the ding fire DM to become strong. A strong fire DM does not want self and resource stars. The protruding dings make the liver heaty. The liver is represented by the yi in the year stem.

This boy has just returned home from a 5-days camp. He was down with a fever that seems to return each time after sudsiding. His mother wonders why the medicine is not working and she is suspecting that his boy might have crossed path with the bad spirits. With the 2 negative dings beside the ding DM, we cannot rule out this possibility.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A teenager can see the spirit world

Call it affinity. I just come across another chart whose owner has had some experiences with the spirit world. This chart belongs to a 16 years old student of mine. She said that she started seeing things beginning from 2007, ding-hai year.

This was her report.

1. It all started one day when I heard a little girl crying in the back corner of my classroom. I turned around and saw a little girl crying and was surprised that nobody else took notice. She then disappeared suddenly.

2. There was once I was having a test and suddenly felt somebody looking over me. When I looked up and saw her, she just flew off. Somehow, I know that she was a teacher who has passed on.

3. When I went to the hospital where my mother has just delivered, I saw a "pregnant lady" passed by me. She didn't seem to be walking.

4. Not long ago, I went to a temple to pray to the deity Kuan Yin. The statue then glow with light.

I just wonder why she wasn't afraid with some of these unworldly experiences.

Here are the indications from her chart regarding this fenomena.

1. The presence of strong gui as it is rooted in the winter season. Gui represents the "vapour objects".

2. The rooted gui is also her strong 6th sense star which is the indirect resource star. She has strong reception towards these beings.

3. The si of the hour branch clashed the hai of the ding-hai year thus opening the "door" in the year 2007.

4. If you are into shen-sha, the gui-you year pillar contains a "funeral door" star.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A very sad accident

This is the chart of a 66 years old man who met with a very bad accident about 2 years ago in 2008, wu-zi year, during his wu-yin LP. He was driving from Malacca to Singapore with his wife to pay a visit to his son there. About half way through the journey, along the highway, he lost control of his car and the car swerved into a ravine on the left. His wife died on the spot and he sustained much bodily injuries. At present, he has recovered completely from his bodily injuries and with much moral support from his family members and friends, he has also recovered much from the mental anguish.

Coming to think of it, it was quite a bizzaire accident. He said that suddenly there were flies in his car and one of them entered his eye. That was how he lost control of his vehicle.

Looking at his chart, there is a double shen-yin clash in his present LP. The clash from the shen of the month branch can be arbitrated by the ren of the month stem whereas the clash from the shen of the year branch has no arbitration at all.

Where are the indications from the natal chart that show the demise of his wife from an accident?

This chart is a weak jia DM and so his wife star is also the wood star which can both be represented by yi and jia.

1. The chou-chen destruction causes the yi to fall back into the graveyard of chen inside the spouse palace. Since they were visiting their son, his children palace is also involved.

2. The geng inside the shen of the year branch is "cutting" the jia above it. Fated to happen?

Since he is now in the geng-yin year in his wu-yin LP, there are now multiple shen-yin clashes in his chart. Will there be anymore accident?