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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inheriting $millions

This is the chart of a 57 years old businessman who has just inherited over RM20 millions. He has also inherited a piece of land in a prime area. He will be building his bungalow there soon.

With only one self star and no resource star in his chart, the ren DM is very weak and this chart becomes a fake follower chart. His favourable output and wealth stars are strongly rooted which makes this chart a very favourable one.

His bing fire wealth star is protruding in the parents' palace and is rooted in the si, in the grandparents' palace. So, he is from a very wealthy background. He has to be careful of the gui RW star in the year stem which means that there are many people eyeing his money.

He has a few businesses and actually none of them is doing well. If you look at his LPs, since the age of 25, he has been running negative LPs with the negative water and metal stars protruding. With over RM20 millions in the bank, I guess it doesn't matter at all.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Potentially rich girl

This is the chart of a 19 years old student who is from a very rich family. Her family is in the timber business and she's from a neighbouring country where the rich can be filthy rich.

Her chart is a fake follower chart. So, the fire, earth and the metal stars are all positive. With the positive wealth star in the month branch, she is born in the door of wealth. Her earth wealth stars are strongly rooted and with 1 solid block of wealth stars in her parents' palace, she will definitely inherit a very substantial amount.