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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inheriting $millions

This is the chart of a 57 years old businessman who has just inherited over RM20 millions. He has also inherited a piece of land in a prime area. He will be building his bungalow there soon.

With only one self star and no resource star in his chart, the ren DM is very weak and this chart becomes a fake follower chart. His favourable output and wealth stars are strongly rooted which makes this chart a very favourable one.

His bing fire wealth star is protruding in the parents' palace and is rooted in the si, in the grandparents' palace. So, he is from a very wealthy background. He has to be careful of the gui RW star in the year stem which means that there are many people eyeing his money.

He has a few businesses and actually none of them is doing well. If you look at his LPs, since the age of 25, he has been running negative LPs with the negative water and metal stars protruding. With over RM20 millions in the bank, I guess it doesn't matter at all.


  1. Lwee,

    If he inherited $20m, does that mean the metal star is favourable to him? In Geng Xu LP, and Geng Yin Year, that means metal is good for him but not water?


  2. I disagree, this is a weak chart, cannot be fake follower chart. Daymaster is yang ren. Yang daymaster cannot follow chart if there is a single self-element existing on the chart itself regardless at root/stem - this is a RULE in bazi.

    My bazi software which can calculate a daymaster strength also confirms this:-

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  4. Hi Elentar,

    Real life facts cannot be wrong. If this is a weak chart, then the strongly rooted fire wealth stars would be negative. If this is the case, he cannot be that rich.


  5. Hi Collby,

    He actually inherited his wealth last year, which is ji-chou year.

    Metal and water stars are negative.


  6. In fact the real life event even show that the chart is a weak chart.

    Firstly, the wealth element (self-element water for a weak chart)in his bazi chart is not weak at all. It has two chen in the roots, chen is the 3-combination for water, also known as water storage with water as one of its sub-qi. 1 sub-qi may be weak, but we got two chen with two sub-qi, so water is considered now with strong root.

    Secondly, He is now in Geng-Xu 10yr luck pillar. Geng (metal) is a favourable resource star for a weak chart. In my school of teaching, a weak chart with resource star at heavenly will convert officer star (earth) as favourable elements (because earth -> metal -> water) Since the resource star appears at heavenly with the 10yr luck pillar, earth element is now favourable to the weak chart.So ji-chou yr is actually a good yr for him.

  7. ha...sorry i got two google account with user name as lee and elentar lee...

  8. Furthermore,
    If this is a fake follower chart, it is impossible to explain why he can get so much wealth in ji-chou yr because earth is a output from fire (wealth). So wouldn't his wealth be depleted instead to get power.

    If this is a weak chart, it will be a better explaination for his wealth. Because in his original natal bazi, there's no resource star to protect his water (wealth star). Now with Geng (from 10yr pillar - metal/resource) and also being protected and give birth by earth (ji in 2009) + Xu (in 10yr pillar), the water element(wealth) is now strongly protect and grown.

  9. HI Lwee and Lee,

    Yeah that's what I was thinking as well. Geng Xu should be good for him... But he has gone thru pure water pillars already..? Shouldn't he be thriving then? But arrival of Geng Xu forms semi-fire combo? Means he inherits? But before this, fire was weak as it was taken by gui and used to support chen as well? Just my amateur opinion...

    Hmm.. I'm just very curious because I have the same day pillar and possibly the same situation... But I don't have yang ren, possibly yin-wu combo?
    Not sure if it is fake follower or weak chart...
    Maybe you can key it into your bazi calculator? :D

    Bing Ren Geng Bing
    Wu Yin Yin Yin - male, 27.2.86, 1140am

    I look forward to ur opinion.

  10. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your participation. Your argument really makes sense. However, we are talking about wealth capacity here. Do you think is it the strongly rooted fire stars that gives him the strong wealth capacity or the gui star that is rooted in the 2 sub qi's?

    Furthermore, if the fire wealth stars are negative, most of the wealth will not reach him as the negative bing is in the parents' palace.

    There are many people who has positive resource and officer stars and that do not mean that they have inheritance.

    We are talking about wealth capacity. If you are from a wealthy background, you can inherit your wealth even during negative LPs. Don't you think so?


  11. Hi Lwee,
    What is it exactly that denotes someone can have some inheritance regardless of the capacity? has it to do with any of the following : Hurting officer,Output, Direct officer, Indirect wealth (form of inheritance?)
    or luck pillars which symbolises an officer or wealth is possible of inheritance?

  12. Hi Lwee,

    Fake follower's chars are very notorious in a way,that sometimes, it follows, sometimes it doesn't. When reading in tandem with the LP, one must be extremely careful that the interplay of the 5 elements may render the chart as just a normal weak chart.

    As Lwee has pointed out that the bearer of this chart inherited his wealth in JiChou year, technically speaking is still on the old LP. Solid officer year stem may only render useful if resource is positive to the weak chart, which is found in the LP. So to say it is a fake chart, will be very unlikely. Perhaps there is truth to investigate that a Yang stem may not follow after all.


  13. Hello Lwee, sorry for late reply. Yr bazi concept on wealth capacity is wrong.

    朱鹊桥 in his book series "朱鹊桥命理" had often stressed that "Bazi is like an DNA structure, but LP is the timeframe period for the events to occur."

    A good bazi even with many strong wealth elements on the natal chart will still only be a normal life if not supported by a good LP cycle.

    Refer to this attachment (if u can read chinese) :- http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/2885/11111vx.jpg ( from page 261 in
    罗量-点算八字格局 ) where 罗量 teacher do a bazi comparions between a friend by name of "Ming Uncle" and the billionaire Lee Ka-Shing.

    Both have the same "Fake Vibrant Chart" with 5 wealth elements star on their chart. Definitely such a chart will have a greater wealth capacity than businessman's bazi highlighted in this article, but the "Ming Uncle" in the paragraph is only refer to a person leading a normal life (not rich but not poor enough to go hungry). This is because "Ming Uncle" only see his favourable element in his age 71 LP pillar.
    罗量 teacher concluded that's why Li Ka-Shing is so rich (because of a good LP cycle) and thus without a good LP Cycle to support a good bazi natal chart, the person's life is just a normal life.

    This further strengthen the fact that the businessman is able to inherit such great wealth is because it is a weak chart in a favourable LP pillar and existing favourable Ji-Chou yr.

    Furthermore, the same book 罗量-点算八字格局 pg 120 has a similar chart example as the businessman which he explained why it cannot be a follower chart but a weak chart (which is explained in the same way as my earlier comments on the "two chen in roots with two sub-qi"). Because my pdf version had some errors, thus I can't paste the image here. You can always refer to the book which can be found in most Popular Bookstores.

  14. Lwee,

    Yr sentence "There are many people who has positive resource and officer stars and that do not mean that they have inheritance." --- which i totally agree. A person with only resource star (and officer stars) in a weak chart will not achieve great wealth UNLESS the person is in a good wealth LP pillar.

    Now the business as i highlighted before has a wealth element (gui) in the weak chart, now the resource star in LP grow the wealth element (gui) and the officer stars (earth) grow the resource star. So we have a good wealth birth chain here : earth -> metal -> water. That's why he could obtain such rich inheritance.

    Mostly likely he received the inheritance during the September month (Gui-You) in 2009. Another wealth star at heavenly supported by You which combine with chou and si to form the metal combination.

  15. Hi Lwee,

    Thanks for the info. That make sense because of the silent push forming his wealth. It is a bit tricky here as his wealth are both positives given the same scenario as both a weak and a fake chart.

    See my point?


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi Project,

    "Thanks for the info" - refers to the notes made by me (elentar lee) or lwee - both have L then EE. Because yr msg looks more like replying to my notes.

    Btw, this is not a tricky bazi chart. I had seen even tricker one than this.

    Hi Collby, since this is a blog comment section not a forum comment section, anything u want to know yr chart or the printout from my bazi software, plz forward yr request to my email at elentar@yahoo.com. This is to pay respect for the blog owner.

  18. Hi Elentar,

    I am refering to Lwee's private email. Yes, this is not a tricky chart, but an interesting one.

    YiBazi (project)

  19. Hi David,

    Yes, I see your point with that silent push. Thanks.

    Warm regards, Lwee.

  20. Hi Elentar,

    Please don't be too sure with your argument. I have a friend who is a multi millionaire because his natal chart is rooted with positive self stars. He is a weak DM. All these years he's not in any good LPs. Please e-mail me if you wish to have a look at his chart.

    So, your statement about a good bazi's chart with strong wealth stars can only be ordinary without a good LP cannot be acceptable.

    As for the above chart, there's a point you are missing too but I don't wish to discuss it here.


  21. Hi Cathy,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    The last 2 posts are examples of people having opportunities for hefty inheritance. Usually, they will have strongly rooted wealth stars in the year or month pillar, regardless of direct or indirect wealth stars.


  22. If my statement about about a good bazi's chart with strong wealth stars can only be ordinary without a good LP is not acceptable, i guess i should ask Popular Bookstore to pull down 罗量 and 朱鹊桥 book collections and then fly to Hong Kong and scold the two bazi teachers for their lousy theories.....

    However i still trust their theories, because I also have friends charts whose wealth stars are strongly rooted in their parents/grandparents palace but they are either actually borned in poor family or till now still earning only "normal" income, because they are not in their favourable LP cycle.

    If LP cycle is useless, then what's the point of inventing them in the first place.

    I will give another example using Lee Ka-Shing's youngest son Richard Lee's bazi.


    Just looking at the bazi, it looks pretty similar to this article's businessman bazi as its a weak chart with only 1 wealth star (self-element metal)except located at the children pillar. If u dun know this bazi is Richard lee's, you will probably say that this person is not going to be rich (no strong roots - main qi) or inherit any hefty wealth because there's no wealth element in the parents/grandparents pillars.

    However everyone knows that Richard Lee is also a billionaire and favourite son of Lee Ka-Shing. But he also build up most of his wealth through entrepreneur skills. If you look at his LP cycle, he has favourable elements from age 1 pillar to age 41 pillar

  23. Hi everyone,

    This is a very interesting discussion and thanks everyone for sharing. It was great learning about this special chart

    Elentar: Ok will e-mail you. :)


  24. Btw, the sentence "a good bazi's chart with strong wealth stars can only be ordinary without a good LP " is not a statement just made up by me, its also the teachings from the bazi teachers - 罗量 and 朱鹊桥.

    They both combined have more than 20yrs of bazi consulting, written more than 15 books on Bazi and taught many bazi classes.

    To simplify their teachings on why a good bazi chart must be supported by good LP pillars, i will showcase as below:-

    Having a good natal bazi chart is like owning a Ferrari car compared to a lousy chart that is like owning a Kancil. Of course a Ferrari car is much faster than a Kancil. But if the Ferrari is 'feed' with 'coca-cola' as fuel and ride on a road with many potholes (supported by a lousy LP cycle), a Kancil (lousy chart) being feed with the correct petrol and ride on a highway (supported by a good LP cycle) - the Kancil will still be much faster than the Ferrari.

    LP is the tool to predict events through favourable / infavourable elements in the year.

    The inheritance of a great wealth in this businessman's case is a major event, only a weak chart in favourable LP + underlying year supported the occurrence of this event, not just using the wealth elements on the natal bazi itself.

  25. Hi Lwee and Elentar,

    First and foremost, it is a good sparring of views here. Keep it up.

    In fact, both of you has the point. Ultimately the BaZi chart cannot be read as a fixated point of view. After, reading almost close to a 1000 charts, one will understand the reason.

    Looking at the static chart itself, the value of the 10 gods are annexed to the strength of the chart which among other depends on the tuning of the season and rootedness or penetration, whichever there are. So, it is quite straight forward.

    However, when the dynamic aspect comes into play, what is presumably favorable may not necessary so. So it all goes back to the dynamics of the chart. Never be fixeted.

    There is truth, when one reaches a point, the strength of the chart becomes irrelevant. Similarly is the notion of favorable or unfavorable.

    Have a nice weekend.


  26. Hi Everyone,

    It's a weak chart. If the guy has been in business since 25 and none of his business is doing well....something is really wrong here. No one stays in business if it's not doing well.

    It's his GENG and in his case, Xin also helps. As a weak chart, and the Dog Dragon clash only releases more help and wealth.


  27. I also think this is a normal weak chart. Dog vs Dragon chart releases GUi and Ding. Gui conquering Ding represents rise in status and living standards of sorts. (In this case becoming a millionaire by inheritance is befitting) Since Gui is stronger and more favorable, the outcome is favorable rather than unfavorable.

    The Gui (RW) support is rooted, therefore it cannot be a fake follower chart. A fake follower chart must follow the strongest element in this chart and the strongest element is actually wood which protrudes from 3 branches rather than fire which protrudes from only 2 branches.

  28. Hi Elentar,

    I think you are being ridiculous. Nobody will use coca-cola as a fuel to run a Ferari. A Ferari using a low grade fuel will still run faster than a Kancil with the best fuel.

    Don't you know that negative stars can also be used in bazi?

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Hi Chris Chan,

    I did not say that he was in business since 25. Read again! If you come to Malacca, I can show you a cafe that has been running losses but it's still open because the owner is very rich.

  31. For this chart, it is not important to decide whether it is weak or strong. This chart has a tendency towards being a special chart.

    Therefore this is a follower chart (if I interprete your definition of follower correctly), however, because of Gui water (and fortunately, it does not have as great effect as the Ren water), the effect of the chart greatly diminishes. In other words, it can be regarded as a broken special chart (what you refer to as fake follower?). Imagine that to help the Ren water, Gui will have to take away something (give 100% and take 50% away).
    Bing ($ and daddy) sitting on Chen is advantageous, therefore wealth is advantageous for him. Yes, he is rich. We cannot use the usual methods for identifying Useful Gods for special charts. In this kind of chart, he doesn't like anything to 'help' his daymaster (Ren water) and he enjoys being 'controlled'. I like to call this a masochistic chart.
    If you look at his Shen-Sha, he has $ written all over it so even though it is not a pure follower chart, there is still a wealth effect but his relationship is poor (grave and elimination stage). And if he has a sister (Gui), relationship should not be good. A 2nd interpretation is that his $ will be well-kept but since mu is also known as storage but this is subject to debate.

    At the hour, Jia sit on Chen, also advantageous. Jia is talent, talent grows wealth (fire).

    We're talking about $ and people eyeing his $ so that's it.

    And lastly property investment is good, probably cos earth is his Useful god. Only in standard chart will a weak daymaster need self or resource, not this chart.

    I know many property investors that are low profile. Not this one. So many will know he is rich. Cos his wealth is in his heavenly pillar.

    We have to read everything and not element by element to determine.

    Those who doesn't read properly will think age 32-51 is best for him. This is because you are reading it as a standard chart. If what Lwee said is true, that explains why his business is not doing well. He doesn't like those elements. After 52, he got out of that cycle.

    Just my 2c.


  32. hi,

    its a weak chart for sure.

    Gui protruding root in Chen.

    Bing (indirect wealth) is month stem shows he has rich father waiting in this world with inheritance, it will happen at some point of life.

    Rich businessman need to be follower chart? In modern theory too many books glorified this.

    Chart owner is not good in investing and spending as rest of elements Eating god, 7 killings are negative.

    Eating god star is strong, living high life and luxury is priority. This chart does not generate real wealth.