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Monday, January 4, 2010

A trance medium's chart

I would like to share with you a chart of a person who can enter into a trance state.

This is the chart of a 32 years old man who is a trance medium for the 2nd Lord of the Hades (di yah pek). When he is in a trance state, he has to paint his face black and wears a long black hat. Of course he carries with him a thick chain too. The Chinese believes that the function of the 2nd Lord of Hades is to chain the bad guys after their death and bring them to the Hades for sentencing.

What are the indications from the chart that show his ability to enter into a trance state?

1. The gui-hai pillar shows that he has affinity with the "vapour world".

2. The zi-wu clash being a water and fire clash is a strong indication.

3. The gui inside zi represents his "master" from down under.