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Monday, December 21, 2009

Surrounded by spirit guides

In bazi, the fire stars represent the spiritual and as such they also represent the spirit guides or guardian angels if positive. If negative, they represent the bad spirits.

The above geng DM is a weak one. Since the ji earth resource star is protruding, the dings fire officer stars too become positive. The geng DM is actually surrounded by 3 dings.

This chart belongs to a young man who is 21 years old. He was my student. He has always felt that there are "beings" around him. Below are some of the accounts of his experience.

"When I was young I could always see "an old man" with a stick (tongkat) looking at me whenever I was in bed about to sleep.

There was once when I was in a shop that sells prayer items, I saw "Guan Di" (a Chinese deity) flying out of the shop.

During the Buddha's day Wesak procession in the year 2002, I saw a golden dragon flying above in the sky. When it disappeared, I brought my attention back to the parade of floats and was surprised that the float in front of me was a float featuring a dragon.

One day, my mother and I went to a Chinese temple to pray. There was a medium in a trance state who suddenly called me over. He told me that I have some spiritual powers and that I too can help people in the future."

Did you notice the hai-si clash in his natal chart?

I'm signing off for this year and I take this opportunity to wish you all the bazi lovers out there

"Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2010".

Monday, December 7, 2009

She has "yin yang" eyes

This is the chart of a close friend of mine who has "yin yang" eyes. She's 46 years old now. Since young, she has the ability to see "things" at will. Unlike those who can see "things" occasionally, her ability is life long. I remembered on one occasion when she was praying at an altar, she saw beautiful lotuses dropping through the ceiling onto the altar table.

Her real life ghost stories can prove to be too much for those who has faint hearts. Better excuse yourself when she starts her ghost stories.

Apart from seeing "things", she has the ability to communicate with all the good spirits out there during her sleep. There was once she spoke to a beautiful Indian deity and was surprise to see that the "lady" does not have a naval! Well, coming to think of the logic, deities are not born through the wombs.

Just like the 2 previous charts, there is a hai-si clash which opens the heaven's gate. The protruding gui's again represent the "vapour objects". Those learning Bazi should know that gui-hai is a very powerful jia-zi among the 60 jia-zi's. If there are other good indications, a DM having gui-hai as the day pillar can be a very spiritual person.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It runs in the family?

Strangely, I have recently keep coming across either charts of people who are able to see "unworldly things" or people who are able to act as mediums in a trance state. I will share these charts with you one at a time.

This is the chart of the elder brother of the gentleman from the previous post with the title "Seeing a ghost". He's now 44 years old. According to his sister, when he was young, he could see white objects moving about. Amazingly, he could often see light objects flying around too. Apart from seeing "things", he has also entered into a trance state before but he did not speak at that time.

Just like the previous post, there is a hai-si clash and a protruding gui which represents the "vapour objects" in the natal chart.

People who are able to act as mediums in a trance state usually have a water and fire clash of either zi-wu or hai-si in their natal charts. These clashes don't have to be side by side.